Uptown CSS

Uptown CSS is a semantic toolkit designed to help developers build fully-responsive apps for Shopify’s eCommerce platform.

Getting Started

Add the stylesheet to your project and begin writing the HTML for your app: <link rel="stylesheet" href="uptown.css">


Visit http://www.uptowncss.com for complete documentation and examples


Fork the repo to you own account.

Use the gulp tasks to build scss.

npm install

To rebuild the icons edit ./icons.json, then run the gulp task

gulp icons

By default, browser-specific CSS code for Edge references SVG versions of the icons hosted on cdn.uptowncss.com. If you would like to load these locally, change the $path scss variable in ./styles/uptown.scss and rebuild the css file.

To build a release:

  1. Edit the version number in paackage.json
  2. Run gulp release

Submit an issue and a PR!

Code and documentation copyright 2017 ShopPad Inc. Code released under the MIT License.